My Journey to becoming a chef…Part 1

September 6 2017 I did something I thought I would never do. After being employed with the same I.T. company for almost 9 years, I resigned. I wasn’t passionate about it anymore. I lost the oomph if you will. I didn’t know what I was going to do next. My wife and I had many conversations over the next few weeks and she had mentioned to me, “since you like to cook, why don’t you do more with that.”

Now I have had a YouTube channel for a while but I was just uploading random videos, more for myself, than anyone else. So after a few more days of thinking it over I made my first food related video, Banana Bread.

That was at the end of October in 2017. It was then I decided to start making and uploading videos every week. Basic stuff. Unless I pushed myself. Which I did on a few videos. I kept doing this until Spring of 2018.

Now my name. Unkle Teddybear. Yes Uncle with a k. Not a typo. My name is Ken. Do the math. Plus it makes me standout. But the name was given to me by my nieces and nephews years ago and it stuck.

This is when I decided to go back to school. I decided I wanted to be a baker, and looked into the baking courses in and around Calgary, AB. I even went to an information session at SAIT ( Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) which had a very good baking program, that could have been used towards the Red Seal. There was one problem. The earliest I could start was September 2020. And it was pretty much the same for every baking or culinary program in Alberta. What to do now. I kept making videos while trying to keep positive about things.

In June 2018 I had surgery to remove 32 lbs of excess skin after losing close to 200 lbs, so that put me on the shelf for a few months. I had recorded enough videos that a “normal” subscriber wouldn’t know. Toward the end of August I got in contact with some friends who lived in Kitchener, ON. If I didn’t say, I was living in Airdrie, Alberta. I asked if I could come out for a couple weeks in October so I could check out the culinary schools. They said yes and so I started calling various schools. I called 3 schools in Kitchener and only 1 returned my call. That was Liaison College Kitchener. And being the fact that they were the only ones to get back to me, I already knew that this was the school I was going too.

It was just a matter of when can I start.

To be continued….

My Journey to becoming a Chef in Parts

Hello eveyone,

So after a few posts of just videos I have decided to look back on everything and relive my journey of the past year and a bit of when, after resigning my job and being in I.T. for 20 years, I decided to go back to school and become a chef. I have always liked cooking and of course eating, but I knew I had a passion for the field and wanted to be around the people who felt the same.

I know that the friends I have made during this time will last a long time. So I am looking forward to reliving everything. There will be plenty of pics and still the odd YouTube video. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy re-living them. Thanks!!

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