Baton Rouge review

Welcome to my first review hopefully the first of many. Let me say this, these opinions are mine and mine only. All food was/is paid for by my self or wife.

This past Tuesday my wife and I went to Baton Rouge in Oakville for my cousin’s birthday dinner. For those not in the know:

Bâton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar is a Canadian restaurant chain, famous for their baby back ribs, Sterling Silver steaks, and grilled catch of the day.”

Also stated, “It was founded in LavalQuebec in 1992. There are 29 Bâton Rouges in Canada as of 2010 mainly in Quebec (Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke) and Ontario (Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa) with sites ranging from 7,000 to 9,000 square feet (840 m2). The first restaurant is located at the Carrefour Laval.”

This was our first time at this establishment. Pricing goes from $14 and up for appetizers and up to $49 for your main course.

Let’s start with the appetizers. My wife got the spinach dip. Now I am usually a fan. But this could be so much more. This was very bland, salt could have been added to bring out the flavours of the spinach and cheeses that were in it. The chips, well they were regular nacho chips. Unsalted and bland. I do not know if they are made in house.

My app was Oysters Rockefeller…

Oysters Rockefeller

This is only the second time I have had Oysters. The first time I had them raw with hot sauce and they were good. This time also did not disappoint. Laid on a bed of sea salt the lemon, artichoke and cheeses made this divine. Very good indeed.

Next up was our main courses. My wife had one of the steaks as seen below:


Now while I did not try any of her steak, according to my wife it was cooked perfectly. Just they way she likes it. Also it was seasoned well and juicy. The baked potato and veggies really complimented the meat.

My main was the Black Out Burger

Black Out Burger

Let me say DAMN that was tasty. Juicy beef. Pickled pink onions, for which I was trying to get the recipe but failed, and a whopping slice of grilled halloumi cheese. All inside a bun made black with squid ink. Honestly this may have been one of the best, if not THE best burger I have had. And trust me I have had a lot. The fries however, while salted nicely, left alot to be desired. Maybe garlic salt or something as I compare these to fries that you can get almost anywhere else.

All in all it was a good night. Good food and good company. I will go again and try some different as they had quite a few things to try from but the menu was not over packed with choices. Thanks for reading.

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Happy Birthday

So as I sit here and write this I am being bombarded with birthday wishes. For which I am very grateful. I sit here and ponder everything from the last year. The year was a journey to say the least. Moved back to Ontario. Started culinary school. Became a chef and am now pondering what I am going to do. Start a business? Maybe and most likely. This blog is sort of going to be a side piece. This is where I will be uploading recipes which I have created or ones that I like so much that they deserve to be shared. I will hopefully have 1 more post before the new year as I am getting taken out tonight. There will also be reviews. Oh and they will be honest. Brutally!

Thank you for reading and hopefully you join me on this new part of my life. Check out my website for links to my Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. There will be so many things in the new year. New ideas and collaborations with people you may know and people you don’t. This should be fun.

A Fresh Start

Hi there, my name is Chef Ken Armstrong, also known as “Unkle Teddybear.” Food is my second career, I’ve spent 20 years in the IT field however, in September of 2017 I made a change and decided to start uploading cooking/recipe videos to YouTube, this continued for all of 2018 as well. Then in October of 2018, I took it one step further and applied to culinary school. I ended up getting accepted to the culinary management program at Liaison College of Culinary Arts in Kitchener, ON. My program started December 10th, 2018 and will be finished December 20th, 2019. I definitely don’t know everything about the food world, but who does? However, what I do know and what i”m good at, is making good food with lots of good flavour. On this blog will be my recipes, reviews, ratings and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the blog.

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